Name: Mr.LoL
Also known as: MrBlockoZacK
BL_ID: 3306
Place of birth: France
Home: Lyon, France
Nationality: Fr French
Known for: Video making
Hosting the Blockland World Cup & Blockland Custom Cup
Favorite Vehicle(s): Quota Zenoz
Mr.LoL (formerly known as MrBlockoZacK on YouTube) is a Blockland player and part time video producer. He has developed a small number of Blockland clips. 

His channel has over 400 subscribers and over 70,000 collective views.


Mr.LoL has developed a small collection of Blockland shorts and clips over the last couple of years. His most popular videos include one demonstrating a "nuclear explosion" in Blockland, and another showing an "vehicle elevator" build which gathered around 9000 views.

Unlike other video producers, Mr.LoL does not script or develop comedic videos or films. His earlier work is more focused on demonstrations, and his later endeavors depict staged events in Blockland servers, usually of amusing random nature.

Mr.LoL is also known for hosting the 2014 Blockland World Cup, the 2015 Blockland Custom Cup and the 2016 Euros.


  • Mr.LoL is actually an Administrator on this wiki. (Profile)


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