Name: Filipe1020
Also known as: Filipe
BL_ID: 21933
Place of birth: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Home: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality: Br Brazilian
Known for: Video making
Favorite Vehicle(s): Dalton Evasion

Filipe1020 is a well known Blockland video maker with more than 8000 subscribers and growing. Besides him making videos, he also makes add-ons.


Filipe1020 is one of the most popular users in the Blockland community, and has been critically acclaimed by fellow users for the videos and Add-Ons he produces for the community. He often posts his videos and Add-Ons to the Blockland Forums with great feedback.


  • Filipe1020 is the most subscribed YouTube channel to do mainly Blockland videos.
  • Filipe1020 has released over 250 videos, with his most popular Blockland video being "Freebuild in a Nutshell" uploaded in June 4th, 2011, and as of December 2013 ranked more than 28,000 views.
  • Filipe1020, along with GSF Ghost, are the first 2 users to have their Add-Ons implemented in the base game, Filipe with his SpeedKart Pack, and GSF Ghost with the ModTer Bricks.
  • Filipe1020's favorite color is green and likes it to be combined with black.
  • He dreams of creating his own racing game in the future once he learns to develop his own games.
  • Filipe1020 is actually an Administrator on this wiki. (Profile)

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